Air/Oil Pressure Sensor
Product name : Air/Oil Pressure Sensor
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Air/Oil Pressure Sensor


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Air/Oil Pressure Sensor

The car's air/oil pressure sensor is an important device for detecting the oil pressure of the vehicle engine. The detected data can help control the normal operation of the engine.

The oil pressure sensor is installed on the main oil passage of the engine. When the engine is running, the pressure measuring device detects the pressure of the oil, converts the pressure signal into an electric signal and sends it to the signal processing circuit. After voltage amplification and current amplification, the amplified signal is amplified by the signal line. The pressure signal is connected to the oil pressure indicator, and the ratio of the current passing through the two coils inside the oil pressure indicator is changed to indicate the engine oil pressure. The voltage signal amplified by voltage and current is also compared with the alarm voltage set in the alarm circuit. When the voltage is lower than the alarm voltage, the alarm circuit outputs an alarm signal and lights the alarm lamp through the alarm line.

The wiring method of the electronic oil pressure sensor is completely the same as the traditional mechanical sensor. It can replace the mechanical pressure sensor and directly connect with the automobile oil pressure indicator and the low-pressure alarm lamp to indicate the oil pressure of the diesel engine and provide a low-pressure alarm signal. Compared with traditional piezoresistive oil pressure sensors, electronic automobile oil pressure sensors have the advantages of no mechanical moving parts (that is, no contacts), high accuracy, high reliability, and long life, and meet the requirements of automotive electronics development .

Due to the harsh working environment of automobiles, the requirements for sensors are very strict. In the design of electronic automotive oil pressure sensors, not only the high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, high-precision pressure measuring device needs to be selected, and reliable performance and wide operating temperature range are selected. Components, and anti-interference measures need to be taken in the circuit to improve the reliability of the sensor.

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